Let's sail away


Sitting at an empty space at a harbour in Barcelona.


Most of the harbour is not open for public and secured. I walked by randomly one evening and found, after an hour of walking, one completely empty open space.

There was a big sailing boat accessible and "Let's sail away.. The boat is big and dark and free" came exactly like this into my mind. 

I even took a picture, as soon as I get it back somehow (my phone was stolen) I'll post it on here.

Then I just sat down with my guitar and simply knew I had to turn it into a song.

Watching the distant lights, everything quiet, sitting in front of the sea and this boat. Only two shy cats cared to stray around.
And it was very fluent, the text just came into my head with the melody and after 2 hours i had most of the song ready. I completed the song the next morning and details were added just before the video shoot in Ibiza.
So a real onetake work in conclusion.

The Original is in F/Major, the Ibiza Guitar Version in G/Major. I'll publish chords soon!