Let´s sail away

Let´s sail away - podríamos olvidarte

The boat is big and dark and free

Just like my heart


I have the feeling

I have the talent to destroy

things before they even happened


Strongly looking at you


I know I´ll find my melody right now

Beause I find myself

There are so many things to do - quiero olvidar


Taking care is a primary for thyself

Promise I Don´t want you to suffer

Promise that I´m always staying me.


I can´t go inbetween

But everything between us

Everything I say

Is sacred


Let go, sail away, develop, my love

Leave the last sorrow for the least

You know you love me

How my stomach feels


Not just poetic,

but deep and true.

Now let me find my melody

Let go of everything


If it´s then me who´ll a new appear

Stay true and strong

amd take the wind in your hands.