When I tell you (Believe me)

Flakes hangin' in between my rips

Tell me, do you love me?
Still thinking of your lips


I know it might be hard

I couldn't take this step

Never thought my head

Would be stronger than what we once said


I always knew

With love everything's possible

But if you're willing to do only the possible

To stay with the comfortable 

That's simply not my world


I like to be rebellish
To stand up for myself

I loved your strong character you left standing on your shelf


I thought you'd be the one knowing just right what's going on

Afraid to think or write it,

But what we had is gone


In pet's dreaming manner

I have something to tell

Somehow I'll always love you

I'm so sorry it feels like hell.


Believe me when I tell you


Why did this have to happen
Why weren't we the chosen ones

Would've done everything for us
It's your, it's our loss


But life's already changing
Completing without you
There will be no last saved game
Two new different paths are true

Feeling so sad and lonely
No things for you to care
But if you ever truly pray
I'll be with you to care

How full must a head be
How empty a heart
How torn apart a soul
How ripped every part
How could I not have loved you
Perfection ever since

Just wanting for us to be one
But it's not for us to live this life

Believe me when I tell you

Still no words to assemble our names
But we are free not bond by my words and chains
Thy admirer's  heart was ripped upon

Now to feel as each others father and son

Believe me when I tell you 

I always knew with love everything's possible

Believe me when I tell you
Believe me when I tell you
Believe me when I tell you

To never be wanting to hear 
'I love you' again
'Cause life's again in pieces
Different people going dim